Press Release - For Immediate Release

May 17, 2019

La Republica Launches Organic Seven Mushroom-Infused Functional Coffee

Los Angeles, CA -   La Republica, a functional superfood creator specializing in mushroom-infused beverages, officially launched their seven mushroom-infused instant coffee, now available online and in boutique stores across the country. 

Hand-crafted by Ian Harrison and Mark Merthe, two brothers obsessed with health and longevity, La Republica’s instant coffee is infused with seven nutrient-packed adaptogenic mushrooms designed to promote a healthy gut, body, mind, and soul.  By adding Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Maitake, and Shiitake to organic coffee, La Republica has created a functional coffee rich in antioxidants. Added health benefits include stress and inflammation reduction, hormone regulation, and stamina and performance improvement. La Republica coffee also releases caffeine at a slower rate, preventing caffeine jitters or a crash. 

“We created La Republica’s functional coffee because we believe people deserve a safer, more powerful alternative to a regular cup of coffee,” said La Republica co-founder Ian Harrison. “We wanted to replace the morning coffee ritual with a superfood beverage crafted especially for the thinkers, doers, creators, artists, and athletes of the world.”

“My brother and I have been adding mushrooms to our coffee for years and we wanted to share the magic,” said La Republica co-founder Mark Merthe. “That’s why we created a simple way to ingest nutrient-dense, ultra-beneficial mushrooms that will change lives for the better.” 

Manufactured in Los Angeles using USDA certified organic, fair trade, vegan, non-GMO ingredients, La Republica’s seven mushroom-infused coffee is sourced exclusively from small, indigenous, and sustainable farms, then freeze-dried in Germany in a patented process that brings out the coffee’s exceptional natural flavor and removes any taste of mushrooms.
“We only source the purest whole fruiting bodies of mushrooms and the absolute best arabica beans,” Merthe added. “Our coffee tastes and feels like the coffee of the future.”

La Republica’s coffee is currently available on most major online retailers, NYC’s Chelsea Street Market, Paso Robles General Store, and coming soon to the Ferry Building in San Francisco. They also offer custom instant or roasted beans, bulk order, wholesale, private label, co-packaged products and more.   


About La Republica: La Republica is a superfood producer based in Los Angeles, specializing in mushroom-infused functional coffee. Founded by two brothers on a mission to find a nutrient-packed coffee great for the mind, body, and gut, La Republica is revolutionizing the morning coffee ritual one cup at a time.  Using 100% organic, vegan, paleo, non-GMO ingredients, La Republica’s products are designed to jumpstart your mind, take care of your body, and promote a healthier world.