La Republica Coffee is an organic mushroom coffee company based in Los Angeles, CA. We stand behind giving the best ingredients possible. Manufactured in the USA using USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan, Non-GMO ingredients in a reusable BPA free jar! La Republica Coffee is organically grown 100% Arabica coffee freeze dried by an exclusive certified organic process. Our coffee is grown sustainably by small farm indigenous growers who form the basis for Fair Trade exchange. Because of this, we’re able to provide you with exclusive, remarkable coffees you won’t find anywhere else!

About the Founders

Ian Harrison

Ian Harrison is the CEO and one of the founders of La Republica Coffee. He also founded Creme De Canna the first medical marijuana ice cream company and storefront featured on CNN and Fox News. He is obsessed with morning routines, optimizing performance, and is now experimenting with a sugar-free, low-oxalate, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine diet. He takes what he learns and turns it into products that improve everyone’s health. 

Mark Merthe

Mark Merthe is the CEO and one of the founders of La Republica Coffee. He’s an entrepreneur and a published songwriter in Los Angeles. He is also a coffee enthusiast and he starts every day with a workout and La Republica Mushroom Coffee. He believe that his mushroom coffee is the "Songwriters Secret" as it gives that much needed boost of mental clarity when being creative.

Together with their team, Ian and Mark believe they can transform the world into a healthier place by creating products that high achievers need and educating people on how to get to their best health. They refuse to settle for “ok” and they are fascinated with getting results from their food and lifestyle… "Life moves fast, be quicker.”

The La Republica Coffee Story

Two years ago, Ian and Mark were on the phone debating the best way to do a bulletproof pour over coffee. They had an arsenal of kitchen gear, brewers, specialty filters, and expensive beans. They had both been taking Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, which they had learned about from Tim Ferriss. They loved it, but didn’t like the packaging waste, the low amount of mushrooms per cup, it wasn't organic and it wasn’t manufactured locally. So they set out on their new mission to create an organic mushroom coffee that got better results. They sourced the finest coffee from the most OG coffee grower in Ojai, CA and bought the best organic coffee they could get their hands on. Next they foraged for the finest organic mushrooms to add in order to reduce the natural acidity in the coffee and prolong the positive effects of caffeine. 7 mushrooms in total!

They had no idea they would be shaping an entire industry and getting new converts every day. Their little business went from a personal attempt to optimize their day to a blossoming company that’s changing lives. They continue to push for quality, innovation, and creating products that get real results!

Their goal is to turn drinking coffee into an art form. Heavily influenced by Jiro (Jiro Dreams of Sushi) they take the practice of methodically and systematically making things perfect. You only get one first cup of coffee each morning… It sets the tone for the whole day. Their journey to this moment is as rich and complex as the coffee products they create. Please join them in making La Republica Coffee part of your exceptionally well-crafted morning routine.